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This site is not party based, it is Bangla and Bangladeshi based, It is for people believe in Our Freedom, believe in Our father of the Nation! Our Brothers, Sisters, Mothers & Fathers dedicated their lives to get us this freedom, including Seven Bir Sreshtho,We honor them from Our heart, We honor our Father of the Nation, who has sacrificed his whole life to fight for our freedom. Please Send Your Articles, Stories, Poems related to Bangla, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Freedom fighting and Our Father of the nation. 


Joy Bangla, Banglar Joy!

Joy Bangabandhu!

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman  (March 17, 1920 August 15, 1975), the founding father of Bangladesh. We honor you from our heart for sacrificing Your Life for Our Freedom. We Pray to God to give us Honesty, Dedication &  strenghth to fulfill Your Dream, "Dream of Sonar Bangla".

The nine-month long War of Liberation waged by the people of Bangladesh in 1971 will for ever remain recorded as one of the most glorious chapters in human history. The sovereign and independent People's Republic of Bangladesh, as it stands today, is the outcome of an arduous struggle of the people under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman... Bangladesh News, Sunday, 23 March 2008

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